Our mission is to help you do smarter screening.

We founded Warmcall because we could see how much our customers were struggling with screening tasks like selecting from a large pool of vendors, job candidates, investment partners and potential clients.

When faced with a large pool of options, most of us employ a variety of different screening techniques such as peer review sites, industry analysts, applicant tracking systems and social media to narrow our choices. Unfortunately, these tools are either too time-consuming or too generic to meet your specific needs. As a result, your screened pool of options is smaller and lower quality than you need it to be.

Warmcall is a smarter
way to screen.

Warmcall is a personalized automated assistant that can assess an unlimited pool of options with precision while you do other things. It meets with respondents, interviews them and scores their responses 24/7 based on your unique needs. It sends you a detailed scored report and schedules a meeting with the best respondents. That saves you time and expands your choices.

We are super excited to take this journey with you.

Teja Edara


Teja Edara

Teja has 11 years of sales and marketing experience in enterprise and advertising technology.

Teja has launched and exited an innovative advertising company and worked at some of the largest global consulting and technology firms.


Phil Chatterton

Phil has 16 years of leadership experience in Enterprise Software in the Corporate, Higher Education and Government Space. He has led groundbreaking technology projects, large teams and software launches.

He has had the pleasure of serving globally with some of the largest corporate and government organizations.

Phil Chatterton
Suresh Bala


Suresh Bala

Suresh has 18 years experience in Full stack development. He also hands on experience on Apache Kafka, Spark, AWS Kinesis & Machine Learning Tools.

He had led engineering teams and built products at Gigster, Mockbank and Conduira.

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